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Ready to invest in real estate in Ireland?

Ireland is not very investing friendly outside of retirement savings. But it is possible to build massive wealth with real estate here. Maybe you are a seasoned real estate investor, maybe you are just starting out, in any case sooner or later you will have to decide weather to buy or not to buy given property. This is where deal analysis comes in.

Deal analysis is a crucial part of investing process

Not every real estate deal is worth buying, some can be real money pits and lose you money every month. Do you know how to analyze the opportunities and find the good ones? Buying properties is expensive and bad decisions can be very costly. It doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. It means you need a good process.

This is why we built Redeal app. The goal of the Redeal app is to help with the deal analysis through a guided process. No more messy spreadsheets!

Ditch the hard to understand and error prone spreadsheets. Use a specially crafted for it, powerful tool for it. It won't make deal analysis super easy, it will still be quite hard, but at the end of the process you will end up with a well organized, beautiful, editable report that you can share with others.

  • Estimate not only your pretax returns, but also your taxes and realistic cashflow estimates!
  • Store and organize interesting property leads and reports of the properties you've analyzed for future use cases.
  • Use advanced financial modelling features to analyze future scenarios such as growth of rents, costs or change in the tax situation.
See pictures below that illustrate those features.
Add properties you are interested in investing in with their details. You can import them from Daft or add them manually.
Manage information about the deal here and easily create reports straight from the property page.
Get all the details on the same page. After filling all the necessary information you will be able to see financial details for the first year.
A bit of a finance geek? Use the financial projections to look at cashflow, ROI, ROE even 30 years ahead! You can model different tax situations, e.g. early retirement, rent, cost and appreciation growth.

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